Vision and Mission

    Shri Laxmisen Education Society is one of the popular society in the field of education which is serving full of sincerity, secularity & justice . Through it belongs the community of religiously minority but its efforts towards importing educational facilities to the people are impartial. The society is having firm foundation of Religious Moral, Intellectual & cultural values its wide wings of successive progress have already been spread all over the parts of our Nation. The society tries its level best to mould the student’s indents into moral, able & justified citizens of India through its various educational Institutions.

   Shri Mahaveer Private Industrial Training Institute is one of the qualitative institution established in the year of 2001,to train the rural students in the field of technology by Shri Laxmisen Education Society Raibag as a first step the institution started with COPA trade in August-2001 to import the computer knowledge as per the syllabus provided by D.G.E.T.

   The member of our society sit together & have unanimously decided to star some more courses which would yield immediate fruits as a result institution was decorated with two more courses Fitter & Electrician in the year 2002.

   The courses are being conducted towards better result every year. Our Institute is situated in a beautiful campus in Raibag town. The Institute is importing rigorous scientific training covering the syllabus both in Theory and Practical  as enunciated by the Director General of employment and Training Ministry of Labor Governments of India New Delhi.

  The Institute is well equipped with full fledged workshop Laboratory, Audio-video Technical instruments and aids. The Institute has qualified and experienced Technical staff. Best results  and further placement in Industries are assured. We are Dynamic and non-bureaucratic. Hence we promise you the following.
1.Course that are in tune with industry requirements
2. Examination held on schedule and prompt grant of degrees.
3. Dynamics, prompt and professional student service.