Trade Specification

A.Electrician Trade:
                        The trade in which a person is trained to do all sorts of electrical jobs, is called Electrician Trade. The craftsman who can perform all types of electrical repairs is called an electrician trade. The trade trainy includes the basic principle of electricity, D.C and A.C machines, Transformers, converters, Rectifier and different lamps, motors-winding, domestic and power wirings etc.

Learning Area:
  1.      General Introduction.
  2.        Basic Electricity.
  3.        Conductors and Insulators.
  4.        Electrical Accessories.
  5.        Capacitors.
  6.        Electrolysis Primary & Secondary.
  7.        Magnetism & Electro Magnetism.
  8.        D.C Generators.
  9.        D.C motors.
  10.        Domestic wiring.
  11.        A.C Circuits.
  12.        Poly phase Circuits.
  13.        Alternators.
  14.        Transformers.
  15.        Poly phase Induction motor.
  16.        Synchronous motor.
  17.        Single phase motor.
  18.        Earthling.
  19.        Converter & Rectifier.
  20.        Illumination.
  21.        Electrical measuring Instruments.
  22.        Winding.
  23.        Electronic system.
  24.        Electrical Appliances

    Self employments (To start own business) such as Wiring, Winding, Repairing shop. Electrical shop, Working under electrical contractor, K.E.B power station, Governments, Private, & Public companies.

B.Fitter Trade:
      This course is useful for Mechanical Industries Like sugar factory, Aluminum factory, of any private and Government companies or industries. The mechanical Industries  today is one of the predominate Industries in the world.
                        Our Institute has been designed to cater need of this ever growing industries on panel expert of state Governments and central Government curriculum.
Learning Area:  
  1.   Basic Fittings.
  2.   Forging.
  3.  Sheet metal.
  4.  Welding.
  5.  Lathe operators.
  6.  Drilling operators.
  7.  Shaper machine.
  8.  Advanced Fitting.
  9.   Maintenance & Millwrights
  1. Scope:
Self employment to start own business such as working on Lathes,CNC machines, Drilling machines, Welder, Fabricates & Hardware work shop.
Working under Governments, Private& & public companies.

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