Welcome to Shri Mahaveer Private Industrial Training Institute

Shri Mahaveer Private Industrial Training Institute is one of the qualitative institution established in the year of 2001,to train the rural students in the field of technology by Shri Laxmisen Education Society Raibag as a first step the institution started with COPA trade in August-2001 to import the computer knowledge as per the syllabus provided by D.G.E.T.

   The member of our society sit together & have unanimously decided to start some more courses which would yield immediate fruits as a result institution was decorated with two more courses Fitter & Electrician in the year 2002.

Principal Desk

We believe that every child is uniquely created with divine energy which requires a suitable medium of expression. It is our duty to channelize this hidden energy to the world at large through right education, right values and right action. KSSS PU College imbibes these ideals for purposeful education across caste, creed and nationality in the true spirit of Sri Swamiji's vision.